Cleaning Pen
Pamper your airpods, phone, headset, and much more with this double headed cleaning pen! Separate and double headed design. Reaches charging bin of airpods. Metal nib thoroughly clean the gap. mini ad small, easy to carry.
Pair of Speaker Anti-Dust Sticker - Black
This anti dust sticker prevents the buildup of dust and dirt in the speaker holes of your iPhone! prevents the blocking of the speaker due to accumulated dust over months, helps keep your speakers clear and clean. thin and does...
Multifunctional Cleaning Tool
This 5.5-inch-tall mini broom can be used for both Airpods and keyboards, boasts a thick double layer of bristles that will tuck into all the necessary nooks and crannies. But that’s not all. Remove the bristle head, and inside is...
Airpods Cleaning Kit
AirPods cleaning kit, come with everything needed to properly clean and sanitize your iPhone.
Polishing Cloth
Made with soft, nonabrasive material, the Polishing Cloth cleans any display, including nano-texture glass, safely and effectively
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